Reaching Today's Generation One Youth at a Time.   

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Learning With a STEAM Approach 

Next Level Scholars Inc. is own and operated by two educators with more than 40 years of experience in the classroom.

The company was built on the concept that all students can learn, if given the right opportunity.

The  academic curriculum is based on the state's standards. With the infusion of STEAM curriculum all students are prepared to be college and career ready.

All programs are accredited and taught in an atmosphere infused with enthusiasm and success. The academic instruction is rigorous and meets the requirements of the Common Core State Standards and Florida Standards Assessments.

Working with students is our passion, we have mediated through the Civil Citation program between parents and children as well as educators to help everyone reach a better understanding of their purpose and importance to the other. 

We provide summer programs geared at exposing youths to a nontraditional fun way of learning new concepts. 

.  Our Summer STEAM program provides students with a critical way of viewing new materials. 

Learning Designed With 

Each Child's Needs In Mind. 


Empower children socially, academically and to help them rise above their circumstances. It is the belief of this organization to help children refocus and become the best person they can be. This can be accomplished through attention, care, security and safety for each child. Traditional and Nontraditional strategies are employed to tutor our student.​


Stimulating and challenging lessons that are geared towards helping each student become academic and socially adept at their developmental level.

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Keep the youths in school and out of trouble by working with them and their parent(s). The objectives and strategies focus on empowering the youth and their parent(s) to improve the family's quality of life and to improve the future for their child and their other children.​

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